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Christina Georgina Rossetti

Christina Georgina Rossetti

1830 - 1894Christina Georgina Rossetti was an English writer of romantic, devotional and children's poems, including "Goblin Market" and "Remember". She also wrote the words of two Christmas carols well known in Britain: "In the Bleak Midwinter", later set by Gustav Holst, Katherine Kennicott Davis, and Harold Darke, and "Love Came Down at Christmas", also set by Darke and other composers. She was a sister of the artist and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti and features in several of his paintings.Read more on Wikipedia


A Ballad Of Boding.
A Better Resurrection
A Bird Song.
A Bird's-Eye View
A Birthday
A Bride Song.
A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break
A Candlemas Dialogue.
A Chill
A Christmas Carol.
A Daughter Of Eve.
A Dirge.
A Dream - Sonnet
A Farm Walk
A Fisher-Wife.
A Green Cornfield.
A Helpmeet For Him.
A Hope Carol.
A Life's Parallels.
A Martyr. The Vigil Of The Feast.
A Pageant And Other Poems.
A Pause Of Thought
A Peal Of Bells
A Portrait
A Prodigal Son.
A Ring Posy
A Rose Plant In Jericho.
A Royal Princess
A Smile And A Sigh
A Song Of Flight.
A Summer Wish
A Testimony
A Triad - Sonnet
A Wintry Sonnet.
A Year's Windfalls
After Communion.
After Death - Sonnet
After This The Judgement
All Saints.
All Thy Works Praise Thee, O Lord. - A Processional Of Creation.
Amor Mundi
An "Immurata" Sister.
An Apple Gathering
An Easter Carol.
An End
An October Garden.
An Old-World Thicket.
Another Spring
At Home
At Last.
Autumn Violets
Beauty Is Vain
Beauty Is Vain.
Before The Paling Of The Stars
Behold A Shaking.
Behold The Man!
Birchington Churchyard.
Bird Or Beast?
Bird Raptures.
Bitter For Sweet
Boy Johnny.
Brandons Both.
Brother Bruin.
Buds And Babies.
By The Sea.
By The Waters Of Babylon
Child's Talk In April
Christian And Jew - A Dialogue
Christmas Carols.
Come Unto Me
Conference Between Christ, The Saints, And The Soul
Consider The Lilies Of The Field
Cousin Kate
Days Of Vanity.
De Profundis.
Dead Before Death - Sonnet
Dead Hope
Death's Chill Between
Despised And Rejected
Dost Thou Not Care?
Dream Land
Easter Even
Enrica, 1865.
Exultate Deo.
Fata Morgana
Fluttered Wings.
For Thine Own Sake, O My God.
Freaks Of Fashion.
From House To Home
From Sunset To Star Rise.
Goblin Market
Golden Glories.
Golden Silences.
Gone For Ever
Good Friday
Grown And Flown
He And She.
Heart's Chill Between
Helen Grey
Hollow-Sounding And Mysterious.
I Know You Not
I Will Arise.
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills.
If Only
If Thou Sayest, Behold, We Knew It Not.
In The Round Tower At Jhansi
In The Willow Shade.
It Is Finished.
Italia, Io Ti Saluto!
Jessie Cameron
Jesus, Do I Love Thee?
L. E. L.
Lady Maggie
Last Night
Later Life: A Double Sonnet Of Sonnets.
Life And Death
Light Love
Long Barren
Love From The North
Love Is Strong As Death.
Love Lies Bleeding.
Luscious And Sorrowful.
Maggie A Lady.
Maiden May.
Martyrs' Song
Mary Magdalene And The Other Mary.
Maude Clare
Memento Mori.
Mirrors Of Life And Death.
Monna Innominata. A Sonnet Of Sonnets.
Mother Country
My Dream
My Friend
My Secret
No, Thank You, John
Noble Sisters
Of Him That Was Ready To Perish.
Old And New Year Ditties
On The Wing. - Sonnet.
Once For All.
One Certainty. - Sonnet.
One Day
One Foot On Sea, And One On Shore.
One Sea-Side Grave.
Paradise: In A Dream
Paradise: In A Symbol
Passing And Glassing.
Patience Of Hope.
Remember - Sonnet
Rest - Sonnet
Saints And Angels.
Shall I Forget?
Shut Out
Sister Maude
Sit Down In The Lowest Room
Sleep At Sea
Soeur Louise De La Misricorde.
Somewhere Or Other
Songs In A Cornfield
Sound Sleep
Spring Quiet
Summer Is Ended.
Sweet Death
Take Care Of Him.
Tempus Fugit.
The Bourne
The Convent Threshold
The Descent From The Cross.
The First Spring Day
The Ghost's Petition
The Hour And The Ghost
The Key-Note.
The Lambs Of Grasmere, 1860
The Love Of Christ Which Passeth Knowledge
The Lowest Place
The Lowest Room.
The Master Is Come, And Calleth For Thee.
The Months: A Pageant.
The Offering Of The New Law, The One Oblation Once Offered
The One Certainty - Sonnet
The Poor Ghost
The Prince's Progress
The Queen Of Hearts
The Thread Of Life.
The Three Enemies
The World - Sonnet
There Is A Budding Morrow In Midnight.
They Desire A Better Country
Three Seasons
Thy Brother's Blood Crieth.
Till To-Morrow.
To-Day For Me.
To-Day's Burden.
Touching "Never."
Twilight Calm
Twilight Night
Under The Rose
Until The Day Break.
Vanity Of Vanities - Sonnet
Venus' Looking-Glass.
Weary In Well-Doing
What Would I Give?
What's In A Name?
When My Heart Is Vexed, I Will Complain.
Who Shall Deliver Me?
Wife To Husband
Winter Rain
Winter: My Secret.
Within The Veil
Yet A Little While.