The Poetry Corner

Weary Will

By Banjo Paterson (Andrew Barton)

The strongest creature for his size But least equipped for combat That dwells beneath Australian skies Is Weary Will the Wombat. He digs his homestead underground, He's neither shrewd nor clever; For kangaroos can leap and bound But wombats dig forever. The boundary rider's netting fence Excites his irritation; It is to his untutored sense His pet abomination. And when to pass it he desires, Upon his task he'll centre And dig a hole beneath the wires Through which the dingoes enter. And when to block the hole they strain With logs and stones and rubble, Bill Wombat digs it out again Without the slightest trouble. The boundary rider bows to fate, Admits he's made a blunder And rigs a little swinging gate To let Bill Wombat under. So most contentedly he goes Between his haunt and burrow: He does the only thing he knows, And does it very thorough.