The Poetry Corner

Jimmy Sago, Jackaroo

By Banjo Paterson (Andrew Barton)

(Air: Wearing of the Green.) If you want a situation, Ill just tell you the plan To get on to a station, I am just your very man. Pack up the old portmanteau, and label it Paroo, With a name aristocraticJimmy Sago, Jackaroo. When you get on to the station, of small things youll make a fuss, And in speaking of the station, mind, its we, and ours, and us. Boast of your grand connections and your rich relations, too And your own great expectations, Jimmy Sago, Jackaroo. They will send you out on horseback, the boundaries to ride But run down a marsupial and rob him of his hide, His scalp will fetch a shilling and his hide another two, Which will help to fill your pockets, Jimmy Sago, Jackaroo. Yes, to fill your empty pockets, Jimmy Sago, Jackaroo. When the boss wants information, on the men youll do a sneak, And don a paper collar on your fifteen bob a week. Then at the lamb-marking a boss theyll make of you. Now thats the way to get on, Jimmy Sago, Jackaroo. A squatter in the future Ive no doubt you may be, But if the banks once get you, theyll put you up a tree. To see you humping bluey, I know, would never do, Twould mean good-bye to our new chum, Jimmy Sago, Jackaroo. Yes, good-bye to our new chum, Jimmy Sago, Jackaroo.