The Poetry Corner

Colonial Experience

By Banjo Paterson (Andrew Barton)

[By A New Chum] (Air: So Early in the Morning.) When first I came to Sydney Cove And up and down the streets did rove, I thought such sights I neer did see Since first I learnt my A, B, C. Chorus Oh! its broiling in the morning, Its toiling in the morning, Its broiling in the morning, Its toiling all day long. Into the park I took a stroll I felt just like a buttered roll. A pretty name The Sunny South! A better one The Land of Drouth! Chorus: Oh! its broiling, &c. Next day into the bush I went, On wild adventure I was bent, Dame Natures wonders Id explore, All thought of danger would ignore. Chorus: Oh! its broiling, &c. The mosquitoes and bull-dog ants Assailed me even through my pants. It nearly took my breath away To hear the jackass laugh so gay! Chorus: Oh! its broiling, &c. This lovely country, Ive been told, Abounds in silver and in gold. You may pick it up all day, Just as leaves in autumn lay! Chorus: Oh! its broiling, &c. Marines will chance this yarn believe, But bluejackets you cant deceive. Such pretty stories will not fit, Nor can I their truth admit. Chorus: Oh! its broiling, &c. Some say theres lots of work to do. Well, yes, but then, twixt me and you, A man may toil and broil all day The big, fat man gets all the pay, Chorus: Oh! its broiling, &c. Mayhap such good things there may be, But you may have them all, for me, Instead of roaming foreign parts I wish Id studied the Fine Arts! Chorus: Oh! its broiling, &c.