The Poetry Corner

Song, By A Person Of Quality, Written In The Year 1733.

By Alexander Pope

1 Fluttering, spread thy purple pinions, Gentle Cupid, o'er my heart, I a slave in thy dominions; Nature must give way to art. 2 Mild Arcadians, ever blooming, Nightly nodding o'er your flocks, See my weary days consuming, All beneath yon flowery rocks. 3 Thus the Cyprian goddess, weeping, Mourn'd Adonis, darling youth: Him the boar, in silence creeping, Gored with unrelenting tooth. 4 Cynthia, tune harmonious numbers; Fair Discretion, string the lyre; Soothe my ever-waking slumbers: Bright Apollo, lend thy choir. 5 Gloomy Pluto, king of terrors, Arm'd in adamantine chains, Lead me to the crystal mirrors, Watering soft Elysian plains. 6 Mournful cypress, verdant willow, Gilding my Aurelia's brows, Morpheus hovering o'er my pillow, Hear me pay my dying vows. 7 Melancholy smooth Maeander, Swiftly purling in a round, On thy margin lovers wander, With thy flowery chaplets crown'd. 8 Thus when Philomela, drooping, Softly seeks her silent mate, See the bird of Juno stooping; Melody resigns to fate.