The Poetry Corner

Epistle To James Craggs, Esq., Secretary Of State.

By Alexander Pope

A soul as full of worth, as void of pride, Which nothing seeks to show, or needs to hide, Which nor to guilt nor fear its caution owes, And boasts a warmth that from no passion flows. A face untaught to feign; a judging eye, That darts severe upon a rising lie, And strikes a blush through frontless flattery. All this thou wert; and being this before, Know, kings and fortune cannot make thee more. Then scorn to gain a friend by servile ways, Nor wish to lose a foe these virtues raise; But candid, free, sincere, as you began, Proceed--a minister, but still a man. Be not (exalted to whate'er degree) Ashamed of any friend, not even of me: The patriot's plain, but untrod path pursue; If not, 'tis I must be ashamed of you.